Fiuggi is a city in the province of Frosinone in the Italian region Latium, located about 9725 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012). It is located 80 km east of Rome and 30 km northeast of Frosinone.

By 1911, the city Anticoli di Campagna said.


Fiuggi is situated in the Monti Ernici and is a member of the Comunità Montana Monti Ernici.

The medieval city center, Fiuggi Città, located on a hill 757 m in height. Upstream of the south is the newer district of Fiuggi Fonte with thermal plants, parks and convention buildings. In 1911, the city was by the Boniface spa to the resort. In addition to the healing waters of Fiuggi is also known for its vineyards.

The neighboring municipalities are Acuto, Ferentino, Guarcino, Piglio, Torre Cajetani, Trevi nel Lazio and Trivigliano.


Source: ISTAT


Virginio Bonanni ( civil list ) was elected Mayor for the second time in April 2005.

Since 1986, Fiuggi partner city of the German city of Helmstedt.


In the past, the city was several times stop on the Giro d' Italia.