Anagni (pronounced Anánji ) is a town with 21,414 inhabitants (as of 31 December 2012) in the Italian province of Frosinone in the Lazio region in the countryside of Ciociaria.

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Anagni is located on a long hill above the Sacco valley, 66 km southeast of Rome and 22 miles northwest of Frosinone.

The city is a member of the Comunità Montana Monti Ernici.

Borders the following municipalities: Acuto, Ferentino, Fumone, Gavignano (RM ), Gorga (RM ), Montelanico (RM ), Paliano, Piglio and Sgurgola.


Anagni, at exit Anagni - Fiuggi Terme on the A1 motorway Autostrada del Sole from Rome to Naples. The Anagni station - Fiuggi, on the railway line Rome-Naples is located seven kilometers from the center.


In ancient times Anagnia was the capital of the Hernici, which was conquered 306 BC by Quintus Marcius Tremulus for Rome.

Anagni is a bishopric since the 5th century.

In the Middle Ages Anagni had an important role as a residence of popes and place of conclaves. Here resided Innocent III. , Gregory IX. , Alexander IV and Boniface VIII in 1106 Otto of Bamberg by Pope Paschal II was elected in the cathedral against his will Bishop of Anagni. At the same location excommunicated Gregory IX. Frederick II twice ( 1227 and 1239 ). Pope Adrian IV died on September 1, 1159 in Anagni.

On September 7, 1303 Pope Boniface VIII was in his country villa near Anagni attacked by a gang of armed men, beaten and threatened with death. Then tried the French-speaking captors to kidnap the 68 -year-old pontiff, but were in turn attacked by the courageous citizens and Boniface had free again after three days. The incident went down in history as the assassination of Anagni. This raid of Anagni was the prelude to the relocation of the papal residence to Avignon and the period of the Avignon Papacy.

With the end of the Middle Ages Anagni lost its meaning. In 1556 it was sacked by the Duke of Alba.


Anagni has a well-preserved old town with many houses dating from the 13th to 15th centuries.

  • The Cathedral of Santa Maria is one of the most beautiful Romanesque structures Lazio. The largest part of the cathedral is still on the first phase of construction 1077 - 1104 back. The transept was built around 1200. Pope Alexander IV in 1255 inaugurated the great hall crypt, whose important frescos were created 1231-1255 and still intact.
  • Below the cathedral stands the Palace of the Popes from the early 13th century in which some large, partly be painted, rooms can be visited.
  • The Palazzo Comunale, the Town Hall, built in the 13th century has a large arched passage.
  • The Casa Barnekow is a fine example of a residential building from the 14th century.
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Interior of the Cathedral

Cathedral ( Exterior )

Road in Anagni


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Carlo Noto ( Independent) was elected Mayor for the second time in June 2009. His center-right alliance also provided with 12 of 20 seats, the majority in the City Council. He was elected for the first time in 2006. In early 2008 broke his coalition and 11 councilors resigned, whereupon it came to elections 2009.

Twin Cities

  • France L' Isle- sur -la -Sorgue in Provence
  • Poland Gniezno in Poland
  • Israel Migdal haEmek in Israel

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Gregory IX. (ca. 1167-1241 ), Pope
  • Alexander IV (about 1199-1261 ), Pope
  • Boniface VIII (ca. 1235-1303 ), Pope
  • Silvestro Belli (1781 - 1844), Cardinal
  • Achille Apolloni, (1812 - 1893), Cardinal


In Anani is a special pastries, the Zaoiardi di Anagni made ​​.