Peterborough Petes

The Peterborough Petes are a Canadian ice hockey team from Peterborough, Ontario. The team was founded in 1956 as a junior team and plays in one of the three highest Canadian Junior Hockey League, the Ontario Hockey League ( OHL ).

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Originally, the team from Kitchener, but moved to the end of the 1955/56 season after Peterborough has to offer. It was part of the youth organization of the Montreal Canadiens. The first game of the Petes took place on 1 October 1956 on October 6, was celebrated the first victory.

TPT Petes ( 1956-1966 )

In the first ten years to 1966 was the Toronto - Peterborough Transport ( TPT) sponsor and namesake of the team. From the Ottawa Junior Canadiens you got with Scotty Bowman an excellent coach. 1959 it was the winner out of the playoffs for the first time and moved into the final tournament for the Memorial Cup. Here, however, they lost to the Winnipeg Braves.

Peterborough Petes Hockey Club ( 1967-1976 )

1966, the name was changed to Peterborough Petes Hockey Club, and 1975 was worn but continue the TPT logo on the jersey. With the new coach Roger Neilson came from 1968 to 1975 successful years for the Petes, 1972 again qualified for the tournament for the Memorial Cup. Nelson was in these years, the first coach of the set on video analysis.

The Memorial Cup victory ( 1977-1981 )

From 1978 to 1980, the Petes were washed three times in a row champion of the OHL. In 1979 the team won the Memorial Cup for the first time. Beginning in 1979, was Mike Keenan as coach behind the gang. In these years many later NHL stars in the ranks of Pete's, including Steve Larmer and Larry Murphy were.

Consolidated top team ( 1982-1993 )

With Dick Todd had for eleven seasons in a row the same coach. The team performed well and the Petes were year after year one of the favorites in the league. Four times the team stood around the OHL title, you could win 1989 and 1993 in the final.

The present ( 1994 to today )

In 1996, the Petes host the final tournament for the Memorial Cup. All matches of the tournament were sold out. The Petes defeated in the finals of the Granby prédateurs. 2004 Dick Todd returned back as a coach and was also the year of the 50 -year anniversary behind the gang. This season, the Petes qualified for her ninth participation in the finals at the Memorial Cup, but as seven times before they returned without title back home.

Over the years we had many talents in the squad of the Petes and no other team were at the NHL entry draft more players selected than Peterborough.


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