1913 Wimbledon Championships

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The 37th edition of the Wimbledon Championships took place in 1913 on the grounds of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club on Worple Road instead.

Was preceded in March 1913, the founding of the International Tennis Federation International Lawn Tennis Federation. Since the English FA had it reserved the right to hold the Tennis World Championships on grass, renamed the tournament until 1924 under the title of World's Championships on grass. On this occasion, the women's doubles and mixed competitions of the championship status were accorded official. While in women's doubles, as with the other competitions, was still being held until 1922 in the Challenge Round mode, this was never introduced in the mixed doubles.

Men's Singles

Anthony Wilding defeated the challenger Maurice McLoughlin in the Challenge Round and won his fourth title. On the final day more than 7,000 people attended. The final was brought forward from Saturday to Friday, because it was feared that they could not cope with the crowd rush a work-free day.

Women's Singles

Dorothea Douglass Chambers won the All- Comers Competition on Winifred McNair. Last year's winner Ethel Thomson Larcombe not stepped up to defend their title.

Men's doubles

Herbert Roper Barrett and Charles Percy Dixon defended its title in the Challenge Round with a victory over the Germans Heinrich Klein and Schroth Friedrich Wilhelm Rahe.

Women Doubles

The first official women's doubles title at the tournament of Wimbledon won Winifred McNair and Dora Boothby.


In the first official Mixed Competition at the tournament of Wimbledon Hope Crisp and Agnes Tuckey won.