Ciampino is a town in the province of Rome in the Lazio region with 37 332 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012).


Ciampino is located on the edge of the Alban Hills, 18 km southeast of Rome. The village lies between the railway line Rome - Frascati, Via Appia Nuova. It was created radiate in the 1920s. The municipality covers an altitude 87-235 m slm

The municipality is located in the seismic zone 3 (slightly endangered).

Borders the following municipalities: Grottaferrata, Marino, and Rome.


Ciampino is located a short distance from ring road GRA, with junction 23 of Via Appia. It has five stations (Ciampino, Casa Bianca, Acqua Acetosa, Sassone and Pantanella ) on the regional rail line FR4 Rome - Ciampino - Frascati, Albano and Velletri Laziale.

The adjoining Rome Ciampino Airport is located mostly in the municipality of Rome.


Owes its name to the Ciampino and prelates Christian archaeologist Giovanni Giustino Ciampini, of the estate ad Decimum acquired in the 17th century. This became known in the sequence under the name Il Casale di Ciampino (estate of Ciampino). With the opening of the first railway line of the Papal States from Rome to Frascati 1856 at the breakpoint Ciampino was a first small settlement that belonged to the municipality Marino. 1910 acquired the Società Anonima Cooperativa Colli Parioli area on the Via Appia Nuova country to create a garden city. 1916 first flight of the Regia Marina field was reported. 1926, the military airfield was opened, which is also used for civil flights since 1951.

During World War II Ciampino was heavily bombed. Then, the real expansion of the settlement began. 1974 Ciampino was spun off as an independent municipality from Marino. 2004, it got the Charter.


Source: ISTAT


Simone Lupi (PD ) was elected in May 2011 to the mayor. He loosened his party colleague Walter Enrico Perandini (2001 - 2006) from, who did not run. His center-left alliance also with 17 of 24 seats, the majority in the City Council.