Bellegra is an Italian commune in the province of Rome in the Lazio region with 2955 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012). It is located 60 km east of Rome. Until 1880 it was called Civitella


Bellegra is located 60 km east of Rome and 54 km northwest of Frosinone. The historic town center extends along a ridge of Prenestini. From here you have a wide view of the valley of the Sacco and the opposite Monti Lepini. The municipality covers an altitude 260-815 m asl

Bellegra is a member of the Comunità Montana Valle Aniene.

The municipality is located in the seismic zone 2 (medium endangered).

The neighboring municipalities are clockwise: Olevano Romano, San Vito Romano, Pisoniano, Gerano, Rocca Santo Stefano, Affile and Roiate.


  • Bellegra is 22 km from the driveway Colle Ferro on the A1 Autostrada del Sole motorway.
  • It is 10 km from the SS 155 Via Prenestina removed, which leads from Rome to Frosinone.
  • The nearest train station to the regional railway line Rome - Cassino FR6 is 21 km away in Valmontone.


Probably the place with the ancient, mentioned in Livy Vitellia conquered the Aequians is identical. From this period date back defenses of Cyclopean. From the Latin name Civitas Vitellia the name Civitella San Sisto developed in the Middle Ages, after the local saint. 967 confirmed Emperor Otto I Civitella as a possession of the abbey of Subiaco. The place was therefore but usually referred to as Civitella di Subiaco after the neighboring village of Civitella di Olevano. 1880 changed the community to avoid the name to avoid confusion with Bellegra same communities. In the 19th century the place like Olevano, target painters of the Romantic period, as Ludwig Richter and Friedrich Ludwig von Maydell was.


Source: ISTAT


Domenico Moselli (PD ) was elected in May 2011 to the mayor. He solved Mario Ferrante Sisto (2006 - 2011) from, who did not run.

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