Carpineto Romano

The Italian community Carpineto Romano is located in the province of Rome in the Lazio region 73 km southeast of Rome. It has 4608 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012).

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Carpineto Romano is located in the center of the Monti Lepini, a mountain range between the Pontine plain and the Saccotal. It is located 72 km southeast of Rome and 47 km south-west of Frosinone.

The place is divided since the Middle Ages in the quarter Dammonte to the Palazzo Pecci situated on a hill, and Dabballe in the valley below. These are in turn divided into the seven historical Rioni San Pietro, Lake Jo, Jo Casteglio ( Dammonte ) and Sangiacomo, Jo Moro, San Agostino and Jo Curso ( Dabballe ). The place is a member of the Comunità Montana Monti Lepini.

The neighboring municipalities are Bassiano ( LT), Gorga, Maenza ( LT), Montelanico, Norma ( LT), Roccagorga ( LT), Sezze (LT) and Supino (FR).


Carpineto Located on the Strada regional Carpinetana 609 (SR 609), which connects Colle Ferro in the valley of the Sacco with Priverno. The nearest highway exit on the A1 Autostrada del Sole is located just in Colle Ferro, as the nearest railway station on the route Rome - Naples.


Source: ISTAT


Quirino Briganti (PD ) was elected in June 2009 for the mayor. His center-left alliance also with 11 of 16 seats, the majority in the City Council. He replaced Emilio Cacciotti (center - left coalition ), who did not run.

Twin Cities


  • The Museo Leoniano at Palazzo Pecci, the " Pope - Leo - Museum "
  • The Museo della Reggia the Volsci in the Palazzo Aldobrandini, a Historical and Art Museum. As of 2011, the painting of Saint Francis will be shown in Meditation by Caravaggio here, which was restored in Rome.
  • The church of Santa Maria del Popolo from the 12th century
  • San Michele Arcangelo in the Gothic style
  • Remains of a cyclopean


The well-known specialties of Carpineto are chestnuts and truffles.

Regular festivals

The end of August or beginning of September takes place the Pallio della Carriera. Here, the historical Rioni measure in a ring riding.

Sons and daughters of the town

From the noble Pecci ( Palazzo Pecci ) Gioacchino Pecci was when Pope Leo XIII. ( Papacy: 1878-1903 ) produced.