Anticoli Corrado

Anti Corrado is a municipality in the province of Rome in the Italian region Latium, 947 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012).

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Anti Corrado is located 57 km northeast of Rome and 72 km south-west of L' Aquila. It lies on a ridge of the Monti Ruffi above the valley of the Aniene. It is a member of the Comunità Montana Valle Aniene. The municipality consists of the villages of Colli and Morrone Carletta.

The municipal area extends 307-1136 m slm

The municipality is located in the seismic zone 2 (medium endangered).

The nearby towns are: Mandela, Marano Equo, Rocca Canterano, Roviano, Saracinesco.


Anti Coli is located on the A24 motorway, Strada dei Parchi. The next exit is Mandela at 12 km.

The nearby train station Roviano the village lies on the railway line Rome - Avezzano.


Anti Corrado was born in the uncertain days after the fall of the Roman Empire, when the population left the plains and fortified places was based on easily defensible hills. The first mention of anti- coli was carried out in the 7th century, when Pope Adeodatus II an item with the name Antikuis gave the Erasmus monastery in Rome.

In the 13th century it belonged anti coli Frederick of Antioch, an illegitimate son of Frederick II. 's Son Conrad of Antioch hosted his cousin Conradin of Swabia at his castle in Anticola accompanied him in the battle of Tagliacozzo. However, Conrad was able to avoid a capture by Charles of Anjou, as his wife Beatrice Lancia hostages held captive in the castle of Saracinesco, exchanged for him. In Conrad's return Anticoli was named auxiliary Corrado (Italian for Konrad ).

1430 came anti- Coli to the Colonna. Later in the Barberini and the Massimo.

Artist's Village

In the 19th and early 20th century anti- Coli was the target of numerous painters, but also other artists like Oskar Kokoschka, Felice Carena (painter), Paolo Salvati (painter), Herbert Molwitz, Wilhelm Wessel, Paul Mersmann and Luigi Pirandello, which were inspired by the spectacular scenery. Heinrich Dreber whose views of anti- Coli hanging in the Kunsthalle Bremen, among other things, died in 1875 in anti coli.

Even today, the place is considered by many studios as an artist village.

In 1969, anti Corrado venue for the exterior shots of the movie The Secret of Santa Vittoria (director Stanley Kramer ) by Anthony Quinn, Anna Magnani and Hardy Kruger play the lead roles.


Source: ISTAT


Roberto Falconi (civic list Uniti by anti- Coli) was elected in May 2011 to the mayor. He solved Vittorio Meddi (2001 - 2011) from, who did not run.

Coat of arms

On a blue shield, three cypress trees.

Sister City


  • The Romanesque church of San Pietro ( 11th century ) contains numerous frescoes from the 14th - 18th century.
  • The Palazzo Baronale dates from the 17th century.
  • On the large bustling main square stands the Noah's Ark fountain of Arturo Martini (1889 - 1947)
  • In the Museo Comunale d' Arte Moderna in Palazzo Brancaccio are works by local artists in anti- Coli.