Zagarolo is a municipality in the province of Rome in the Italian region Latium, 17,208 inhabitants (as of 31 December 2012). Situated 36 km east of Rome and 6km west of Palestrina.


The old town of Zagarolo is located on approximately two kilometers Tuffhügel between two valleys, approximately in the middle between the Alban Hills and the Prenestini. It is below Palestrina between Via and Via Prenestina Casilina. The Teilort Valle Martella lies along the Via Prenestina Nuova.

Zagarolo is a member of the Comunità Montana dei Castelli Romani e Prenestini.

The nearby towns are: Gallicano nel Lazio, Monte Compatri, Palestrina, Rome and San Cesareo.


Maybe the hills of Zagarolo was already inhabited in ancient times by the Latin town of Gabii from. Documentary comprehend the place is, however, only when it Pope John XIII. in the year 970 his sister Stefania and thus the counts of Tusculum handed. After its demise Zagarolo came to the Colonna family. During the clashes between the Colonna and the Pope, the town was destroyed several times. In 1670 he was sold to the Rospigliosi whose construction the old town owes its present appearance. The Palazzo Rospigliosi, the city was dominated in 1980 sold to the community.


Source: ISTAT


Giovanni Paniccia was elected mayor in 2010. The Municipal Council ( Consiglio ) has 20 members who serve three local lists; the largest is the Lista Uniti per Zagarolo with 13 boards.


The next exit of the A1 Autostrada del Sole is 7 km San Cesareo. Zagarolo has a station on the railway line Rome - Cassino - Naples.


  • The Palazzo Rospigliosi goes back to a castle of the Colonna from the 11th century and was rebuilt in the 16th century into a magnificent residence. Today it accommodates the Touro College Rome.
  • The church of San Pietro, with its eye-catching elliptical dome, was built in 1670.
  • The Piazza Guglielmo Marconi provides a uniform Baroque composition with the Palazzo di Gonfalonieri (now City Hall), the Palazzo della Giustizia and the San Lorenzo Church

Dome of the church of San Pietro

Palazzo di Gonfalonieri (City Hall)

Church of San Lorenzo

Typical Products

In Zagarolo wine is grown, especially the white wine Zagarolo Tufaio DOC.

On the first Sunday in October, the Sagra dell'Uva, the feast of grapes instead.

Twin Cities

  • Nelahozeves Czech Republic, Central Bohemia
  • France Six -Fours- les- Plages, French Riviera

Sons and daughters