List of national anthems

This article contains a list of all the currently used official national anthems; In addition it also contains lists of hymns of Subterritorien such as federal states, as well as de facto regimes and separatischtischen regions, as well as hymns of some ethnic groups and ethnic groups within a state. Furthermore, even hymns single international communities and organizations are listed.

For national anthems, which are no longer in use today, see List of historical national anthems.

For most national anthems, there are no generally accepted translation, both the title and the text. The translations used here represent partly literal and partly analogous transfers

Sovereign states

The following table lists the national anthems of sovereign states. For the purposes of this list will also include Taiwan, the Palestinian Territories and Kosovo.


Some states also have Subterritorien, or about states own official anthems. Other regional hymns in German speaking countries see National anthem.

De facto autonomous areas and separatist regions

Some separatischtischen areas have their own national anthems, which are then partially banned in the respective sovereign states to suppress the separastistischen currents.

King, flags and other hymns

Some states in addition to the actual national anthem have still king hymns in which the monarch of the country is praised. In some republics instead exist Präsidialsaluts. Some states also have so-called flag hymns, which is then often played during hoisting or hauling the national flags.

God Save the Queen is the Royal Anthem of some countries, particularly the Commonwealth realms. These are:

In addition, God Save the Queen is of course the regular national anthem of the United Kingdom.

Other royal hymns, and Prasidialsaluts and flag hymns can be found in the following table:

Hymns of ethnic groups / ethnicities

Some ethnic groups and ethnic groups have given their own hymns.

Confederations and international organizations

The hymns of some confederations and international organizations can be in the broadest sense also regarded as national anthems and, therefore, can also be found in this article.