Caprino Bergamasco

Caprino Bergamasco is a municipality in the Province of Bergamo in the Italian region Lombardy with 3122 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012).


Caprino Bergamasco is located 15 km northwest of the provincial capital of Bergamo and 40 km northeast of the city of Milan.

The neighboring municipalities are Cisano Bergamasco, Palazzago, Pontida, Roncola and Torre de 'Busi ( LC).


  • In the historical center of the village there is a tower, built in 1260, is reminiscent of the medieval period. Higher altitude can be the remains of another tower find.
  • Palazzo Sozzi from the 18th century
  • The parish church of San Biagio was built in 1760 after the model of the Church of San Fedele in Milan, and contains a painting of the painter Giovan Battista Discepoli ( 1590-1654 ).
  • Parish Celana