Ganzlin is a municipality in the east of the county Ludwigslust - Parchim in Mecklenburg -Vorpommern ( Germany ). It is administered by the Office Plau am See.

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The municipality is situated approximately 25 kilometers north of Pritzwalk and about 7.5 km south of Plau am See. At the northeastern edge of the municipality is the Plau. Large parts of the district is forested, so there is the whole liner timber in the east. In this forest area is 106.8 m above sea level. NHN also the highest point within the municipal area. The hills tower above the lowest point of the municipality at Plau significantly. West of the town Ganzlin is a wetland with former Torfstichen in which springs from the Gehlsbach.

Quarters are Dresenow, Dresenower mill Ganzlin and Twietfort.


Ganzlin was first mentioned in 1346 in a sale deed in a document. The nobleman Ivan von Below sold the village to the monastery Ganzlin Stepenitz. The church burned down in the early 20th century, but was rebuilt in 1903.

Culture and sights

  • Neo-Gothic church in Ganzlin
  • Old distillery

The monuments of the community are included in the list of monuments in Ganzlin.

Village church in Ganzlin


Every year in Ganzlin the " mayor -Jochen Koch tournament" with international participation of over a hundred volleyball and beach volleyball teams instead.

Economy and infrastructure

The Ganzlin coating powder GmbH, manufacturer of environmentally friendly dry paints, has its seat in Ganzlin


Through the village the main road lead 103 and the B 198 The Federal Highway 24 (about 15 km) is accessible via the Meyenburg and the A 19 ( about 17 miles) above the junction Robel. In Ganzlin the railway line opens to the Robel in the railway Güstrow Meyenburg.