Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film

Golden Globe Award: Best Foreign Language Film

Winners and nominees for Best Foreign Language Film ( Best Foreign Language Film ), which honors the outstanding achievements of foreign ( non-English ) cinema productions in the previous calendar year. The dates listed below are those of the Verleihungs events and not the winning film years.


The category was introduced under the name of Best Foreign Language Film ( Best Foreign film ) in 1955. At that time it was also possible to nominate films in English from countries outside of the United States of, among other things, why the United Kingdom and Canada have won prizes. From 1957 to 1959, and from 1961 to 1969, the Best Foreign Language Film category was called ( Best Foreign Language Film ). In addition, it led from 1957 to 1959, in 1961 and 1964 to 1969 the category Best Foreign Language Film in English ( Best English -Language Foreign movies ) a. From 1970 to 1987, the category was again Best Foreign Language Film since 1988, she is named Best Foreign Language Film.


The current rules stipulate only feature films (70 minutes or longer), with a share of at least 51 percent of non-English dialogue. The film has to be started in the home country 14 months before the award between November 1 and December 31 in order to be considered can ( this does not apply in case of problems with the local censorship). In addition, the film has been shown at least a week in the Los Angeles area be ( a regular theatrical release in the United States is not necessary ) be made available and the voting members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Unlike the Oscars, there is no limit of submissions per country.

The film can be taken into account only for a ceremony, but in every other category, except for the best for the film drama and best comedy or musical, which are reserved only for largely English-language productions.

Other facts

In 18 of 60 cases, the winning film was later awarded the Oscar, last done in 2014, with the award to the Italian contribution La Grande Bellezza - The great beauty by Paolo Sorrentino. 1964, 1982 and 1983 triumphed with Tom Jones - Between the bed and the gallows, Chariots of Fire and Gandhi British productions, with the Academy Award for Best Picture were honored later.

27 times nominated German film productions, of which ten awarded the prize, most recently in 2010 happened with the award at The White Ribbon - A German children's story by Michael Haneke. From Austria 1991 Robert Dorn Helms Requiem was nominated for Dominik, Switzerland for the 1985 Hazardous trains ran by Richard Dembo and 1995 Three Colors: Red by Krzysztof Kieślowski.

1970 rejected the producers of the Algerian Z contribution from the award, since the film had found in the category Best Drama no consideration.

Winners and nominees



The fiery Isabella ( Genevieve ), UK - Director: Henry Cornelius La mujer de las camelias, Argentina - Director: Ernesto Arancibia Twenty-four eyes (二十四の瞳, Nijushi no hitomi ), Japan - Director: Keisuke Kinoshita Path of no return, Germany - Director: Victor Vicas and Beate from Mollo


Dangerous Curves, UK Children, mothers, and a general, Germany - Director: László Benedek Kodomo no me, Japan - Director: Yoshirō Kawazu Stella, Greece - Director: Michael Cacoyannis The Word ( Ordet ), Denmark - Directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer


Best Foreign Language Film: War and Peace ( Guerra e pace ), Italy - Director: King Vidor The Girl in Black (To koritsi me ta mavra ), Greece - Director: Michael Cacoyannis The White Reindeer ( Valkoinen peura ), Finland - Director: Erik Blomberg Before sunset, Germany - Director: Gottfried Reinhardt Taiyo to bara (太陽 と バラ), Japan - Director: Keisuke Kinoshita

Best Foreign Language Film in English: Richard III, UK - Director: Laurence Olivier


Best Foreign Language Film: Confessions of Felix Krull, Germany - Director: Kurt Hoffmann Kiiroi karasu, Japan - Director: Heinosuke Gosho Tizoc, Mexico - Directed by: Ismael Rodríguez

Best Foreign Language Film in English: The woman in a dressing gown ( Woman in a Dressing Gown), UK - Director: J. Lee Thompson


Best Foreign Language Film: The Girl Rosemarie, Germany - Director: Rolf Thiele Road of passion ( Cesta duga godinu dana ), Yugoslavia - Director: Giuseppe De Santis When the tide comes in (L' eau vive ), France - Director: François Villiers

Best Foreign Language Film in English: The last night of Titanic (A Night to Remember ), UK - Director: Roy Ward Baker



The bridge, Germany - Director: Bernhard Wicki Kagi, Japan - directed by Kon Ichikawa Orfeu Negro, Brazil - Director: Marcel Camus Wild Strawberries ( Smultronstället ), Sweden - Director: Ingmar Bergman We prodigies, Germany - Director: Kurt Hoffmann


Best Foreign Language Film: The Virgin Spring ( Jungfrukällan ), Sweden - Director: Ingmar Bergman The Truth (La Vérité ), France - Director: Henri -Georges Clouzot

Best Foreign Language Film in English: The man with the green carnation ( The Trials of Oscar Wilde), UK - Director: Irving Allen and Ken Hughes


And yet they live (La Ciociaria ) Italy - Director: Vittorio De Sica


Endearing opponents ( The Best of Enemies ), Italy - Director: Guy Hamilton Divorce in Italian ( Divorzio all'italiana ), Italy - Director: Pietro Germi


Best Foreign Language Film: Silent as the night ( Mélodie en sous -sol ), France - Director: Henri Verneuil

Best Foreign Language Film in English: Tom Jones - Between the bed and the gallows (Tom Jones), UK - Director: Tony Richardson


Best Foreign Language Film: Marriage Italian ( Matrimonio all'italiana ), Italy - Director: Vittorio De Sica Sallah - or: Swap daughter against apartment ( סאלח שבתי ), Israel - Directed by: Ephraim Kishon

Best Foreign Language Film in English: The first night ( Girl with Green Eyes), UK - Director: Desmond Davis


Best Foreign Language Film: Juliet of the Spirits ( Giulietta degli spiriti ), Italy - Director: Federico Fellini

Best Foreign Language Film in English: Darling, UK - Director: John Schlesinger


Best Foreign Language Film: A man and a woman ( Un homme et une femme ), France - Director: Claude Lelouch

Best Foreign Language Film in English: The Alfie ( Alfie ), UK - Director: Lewis Gilbert


Best Foreign Language Film: Live the Life ( Vivre pour vivre ), France - Director: Claude Lelouch

Best Foreign Language Film in English: The Fox, Canada - Director: Mark Rydell


Best Foreign Language Film: War and Peace ( Война и мир, Voina i mir ), Soviet Union - Director: Sergei Bondarchuk

Best Foreign Language Film in English: Romeo and Juliet (Romeo and Juliet ), UK / Italy - Director: Franco Zeffirelli



Z, Algeria - Director: Constantin Costa -Gavras


He came out of the rain (Le passager de la pluie ), France - Director: René Clément


Sleep well, sergeant! ( השוטר אזולאי, Ha - shoter Azulai ), Israel - Directed by: Ephraim Kishon


The New Land ( Nybyggarna ), Sweden - Director: Jan Troell Emigrants ( Utvandrarna ), Sweden - Director: Jan Troell


The pedestrian, Germany - Director: Maximilian Schell


Scenes from a Marriage ( scener ur ett äktenskap ), Sweden - Director: Ingmar Bergman


Separate Lies ( Lies My Father Told Me), Canada - Director: Ján Kadár


Face to face ( Ansikte mot ansikte ), Sweden - Director: Ingmar Bergman


A Special Day ( Una giornata particolare ), Italy - Director: Ettore Scola


Autumn Sonata ( Höstsonaten ), Sweden - Director: Ingmar Bergman



La Cage Aux Folles (La cage aux folles ), France / Italy - Director: Edouard Molinaro


Tess, France - Directed by Roman Polanski


Chariots of Fire ( Chariots of Fire), UK - Director: Hugh Hudson


Gandhi, United Kingdom - Director: Richard Attenborough


Fanny and Alexander ( Fanny och Alexander ), Sweden - Director: Ingmar Bergman


Passage to India ( A Passage to India ), UK - Director: David Lean


The Official Story (La historia official), Argentina - Director: Luis Puenzo


The stop ( De Aanslag ), Netherlands - Director: Fons Rademakers


My Life as a Dog ( Mitt liv som dog ), Sweden - Director: Lasse Hallström


Pelle the Conqueror ( Pelle erobreren ), Denmark - Director: Bille August



Cinema Paradiso ( Nuovo cinema Paradiso ), Italy - Directed by Giuseppe Tornatore


Cyrano de Bergerac ( Cyrano de Bergerac), France - Director: Jean -Paul Rappeneau


Europa Europa, Germany - Director: Agnieszka Holland


Indochine, France - Director: Régis Wargnier


Farewell My Concubine ( Bawang bie ji霸王别姬), Hong Kong - Director: Chen Kaige


Farinelli, Belgium - Director: Gérard Corbiau


Les Misérables, France - Director: Claude Lelouch


Kolya ( Kolja ), Czech Republic - Director: Jan Svěrák


My Life in Pink (Ma Vie en Rose ), Belgium - Director: Alain Berliner


Central Station ( Central do Brasil ), Brazil - Director: Walter Salles



All About My Mother ( Todo sobre mi madre ), Spain / France - Director: Pedro Almodóvar


Tiger & Dragon (卧虎藏龙, Wòhǔ Canglong ), Taiwan - Director: Ang Lee


No Man's Land ( Ničija zemlja ), Bosnia - Director: Danis Tanović


Talk to Her ( Hable con ella ), Spain - Director: Pedro Almodóvar


Osama, Afghanistan - Director: Siddiq Barmak


The Sea Inside ( Mar adentro ), Spain / France / Italy - Director: Alejandro Amenábar


Paradise Now ( الجنة الآن, al - Jannah al - ān ), Palestine - Director: Hany Abu -Assad


Letters from Iwo Jima, United States - Director: Clint Eastwood


Diving Bell and the Butterfly (Le et le papillon scaphandre ), France / United States - Directed by: Julian Schnabel


Waltz with Bashir ( ואלס עם באשיר, Vals In Bashir ), Israel - Director: Ari Folman



The White Ribbon - A German children's story, Germany - Director: Michael Haneke


In a Better World ( Hævnen ), Denmark - Director: Susanne Bier


Nader and Simin - A Separation ( جدایی نادر از سیمین Jodaeiye Nader az Simin ), Iran - Directed by Asghar Farhadi


Love ( Amour ), Austria - Director: Michael Haneke


La Grande Bellezza - The great beauty ( La grande bellezza ), Italy - Director: Paolo Sorrentino