Alsdorf, Altenkirchen

Alsdorf is a municipality in the district of Old Churches ( Westerwald) in Rhineland- Palatinate. It belongs to the municipality Betz village.

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Geographical location

Alsdorf is located in the northern tip of Rhineland -Palatinate, and thus in the northeastern foothills of the Westerwald. Surrounded by wooded elevations it is embedded in the Valley of Light (eastern victory inflow ) in the in the village of discharges coming from the south Daade. Immediately adjacent to the territory of the municipality borders the " Imhäusertal ".


The first mention of Alsdorf 1248: In that year, a deed is worded in Marienstatt monastery witnessed William of Alsdorf was. She was the first document was mentioned in the Amilardisdorp. By 1300, to have driven to mischief in Alsdorf a robber baron. His residence was " In the castle ". From here he staggered along with other Knights of Castle Hohen Seelbach home in fear and terror. 1471 for the first time Alsdorfer ironworks was mentioned. 1680 was the hut Schulz house, one of the best-preserved half-timbered houses built Alsdorf. After the Battle of Leipzig there lived Russian officers. They followed Napoleon on the retreat to France. 1885 extinguished the fires of the ironworks, the Alsdorf had made in the past centuries an important and prosperous city. On the site of a sawmill that a major fire fell victim in 1972 was born.

The foundation stone for the church was laid Alsdorf in 1951. In 1969, the gym and 1974, the turf sports inaugurated. From 1985, the municipality has made ​​numerous beautification measures under the rural renewal, so set up a village park on the site of the former sawmill, for example.

The development of the population of Alsdorf, the values ​​from 1871 to 1987 based on population censuses:


Alsdorf is characterized predominantly Catholic and belongs beside Grünebach and the Daadetal to the Catholic Parish of St. Peter and Paul Alsdorf in the diocese of Trier ( " Trierische island "). The " Trierische Island" consists of the deanery churches which belongs to the Diocese of Trier, but completely from the Archbishopric of Cologne, the Archbishopric of Paderborn and the diocese of Limburg is enclosed. In addition to P. Leo Schmitt, the missionary in Manila in the Philippines is, come two more home missionaries from the parish Alsdorf: Father Vincent Euteneuer is in São Francisco in the state of Minas Gerais (Brazil ) worked as a missionary. The Grünebacherin sister Virgula Schmitt lives on the island of Flores in Indonesia. All three have received financial support from the native communities.


Parish council

The local council in Alsdorf consists of 16 council members, who were elected at the municipal election held on 7 June 2009 of personalized proportional representation, and the honorary mayor as chairman.

The distribution of seats in the local council:

Coat of arms

The coat of arms description reads: "In red-green a silver, occupied with three black diamonds oblique beams Links: Top right is a golden hammer and a golden mallet with crossed golden stems. Bottom left over golden Wellenschildfuß a vierspeichiges golden water wheel ".

Explanation: With the low noble family of the Alsdorf of the history of Amilardisdorp begins. The three diamonds point to the 1453 led by William of Alsdorf seal. Until the mid-19th century Alsdorf was one of the most important industrial locations in the former county of Sayn. Aided by the water power of the river courses Heller, Daade and stones Bach, a center of iron production had developed. The importance of these industries are characterized by the golden hammer and the golden mallet with crossed golden stalks in the upper red box. For agriculture, ancillary businesses, Forest, Hauberg and hunting is the green field below. The golden Wellenschildfuß and waterwheel symbolizing the three rivers that kept for centuries the Alsdorfer huts and ancillary businesses in transition.

Economy and infrastructure

The place has opened up new development areas in recent years. Areas for commercial and industrial development are reported.

Cultural monuments

→ list of cultural monuments in Alsdorf (Westerwald )


Traffic Technically the community about the B 62 and over the railway connection of the connecting Cologne - to achieve victories well. In addition, Alsdorf has its own breakpoint on the Daadetalbahn.

Public institutions

Available are a number of public facilities such as a primary school, two kindergartens, community center, two tram points ( Hellertal train and Daadetalbahn ), church, sports facility with turf sports field, barbecue hut, clubhouse, mini -golf course. The events calendar of the local church is marked by active bodies and also invites visitors to participate in a number of festivals, events and celebrations. In 1998, the local community with a great historical pageant celebrated its 750th anniversary.