Flammersfeld is a municipality in the district of Old Churches ( Westerwald) in Rhineland- Palatinate. It is the administrative seat of the municipality of the same name. Flammersfeld is a nationally recognized resort and recognized as a basic center in accordance with state planning.

Community structure

To the local community Flammersfeld include the districts Ahlbach and Hoben.


Flammersfeld was the first time in a document of the Archbishop of Cologne, Hermann III. mentioned by Hochstaden when he became the Abbey of Siegburg which gave to Flammersfeld on December 13, 1096 " Dean's Office in Auelgau " together with goods.

Flammersfeld belonged until 1806 to the County of Sayn- ​​Hachenburg. The county of Sayn- ​​Hachenburg 1799 was fallen on the Erbweg to the princes of Nassau- Weilburg. 1806 came the two princes of Nassau in the Napoleonic Confederation of the Rhine, so that the region of 1806 belonged to the Duchy of Nassau. Because of the Congress of Vienna (1815 ) agreements the territory of the former saynischen counties of the Kingdom of Prussia was ceded.

Under the Prussian administration Flammersfeld administrative headquarters of the across mayoralty in the newly built circuit old churches was assigned, which was part of 1822 in the Rhine province.

Ahlbach was incorporated in 1939.

The development of the population of Flammersfeld based on the present-day municipality; the values ​​from 1871 to 1987 based on population censuses:

Parish council

The local council in Flammersfeld consists of 16 council members, who were elected at the municipal election held on 7 June 2009 a personalized proportional representation, and the honorary mayor as chairman location.

Allocation of seats in the local council:


  • The Raiffeisen house was the workplace of Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen 1848-1852 and is now a museum.
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  • Flammersfeld has a sports club, VfL Oberlahr / Flammersfeld. Most popular sport is football. The first team plays in the season 2010/2011 in the county league B, the second team in the county league D. There are also youth teams in all age groups.
  • Furthermore, Taekwon -Do, children's gymnastics and athletics offered.


Flammersfeld is located on the highways B 256 and L 272 as well as to the county road K 8 and K 9

Make the connection to the public transport secure the two bus lines in VRM 120 Old Church Old Town and some 132 churches - Neuwied.


Sons and daughters of the town

  • Andreas Balzar ( called Balzar of Flammersfeld, 1769-1797 ) poachers, thieves and guerrillas fighting the French
  • Emil bedsteads houses (1906-1982), German politician ( SPD), Member of Parliament, Member of Parliament ( Rhineland -Palatinate )
  • W. Gies ( born 1945 ), artist

Personalities who have worked on site

  • Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen (1818-1888), founder of the cooperative movement, mayor of Flammersfeld 1848