Malberg, Altenkirchen

Malberg is a municipality in the district of Old Churches ( Westerwald) in Rhineland- Palatinate. It belongs to the municipality Gebhardshain. Malberg is a nationally recognized tourist.

Geographical location

Malberg lies in the Westerwald, about 8 km north of Hachenburg and 18 km east of the county town old churches. Neighboring municipalities are stones Bach / victory in the north, in the east of Rosenheim, Luckenbach in the south and Kundert in the West.

The site consists of two structurally -knit, Hommel mountain hamlets and mountain stones.


The first documentary mention of the place Steineberg as " stone Then Bergh " is from the year 1366th The place Hommel mountain was first mentioned as " Hummelßbergh " in a marienstätter certificate.

The community Malberg was formed from the dissolved and until then independent municipalities Hommel mountain ( 523 inhabitants) and Steineberg (336 ) new on June 7, 1969. The new church name was chosen on the basis of a historical place of judgment on the Hommel mountain.

The development of the population of Malberg based on the present-day municipality; the values ​​from 1871 to 1987 based on population censuses:


Parish council

The local council in Malberg consists of 16 council members, who were elected at the municipal election held on 7 June 2009 by majority vote, and the honorary mayor as chairman.

Coat of arms

Introduced in 1989, coat of arms shows a golden scale on blue background. These bottom half silver tip, in a black siebenspeichiges feed wheel. The balance symbolizes the eponymous historical place of judgment. The feed wheel available for the mining industry, which was in the two districts of importance. The top symbolizes the suffix " -berg " that is included in the name of the former municipalities as well as in today's community name.


  • Peter Weller (1868-1940), photographer and entrepreneur