Katzwinkel ( victory ) is a municipality in the district of Old Churches ( Westerwald) in Rhineland- Palatinate. It belongs to the municipality of knowledge. Katzwinkel is a nationally recognized tourist.

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Geographical location

Katzwinkel lies in the transition region Northern Westerwald / Bergisch Country / Country winner - the so-called Wildenburger country.

Neighboring communities

Neighboring places are churches ( victory ), Betz village, knowledge ( victory ) and Birch Honigsessen.


Districts of Katzwinkel are Elkhausen, Honningen, Schönborn, bones, Alsenthal, Ebert soaps, Nimroth and some homesteads.


The first certain mention of the place is to be found in the document archive of Prince von Hatzfeld - Wildenburg to Schönstein to the victory of the calendar entry No. 675 of February 14, 1493, where a Peter Katz angle is mentioned as a juror. Under the calendar entry no. 801 of 1505 Appel of Katzwinkel with land and home is mortgaged to the district; more mentions of farms from 1505 exist. Elkhausen other hand, was settled a long time only with a yard. 1557 a John of Elkhausen ( Elkhuisen ) is invested.

The development of Katzwinkel and Elkhausen of yards to the village began around from 1750th in the immediate vicinity of Katzwinkel a number of mine fields were in the years around 1750 to 1770 open-minded, whose traces are still visible in part today. 1824 has started in the area Katzwinkel with ore mining in the tunnel mining. 1836 was formed by combining the closure of the mine field " The Association ", which worked up to 1023 m depth and was closed in 1963.

Hamlets and farms

The " Topographic- Statistical Description of the Royal Prussian Rhine province " of 1830 describes the church bones (now Katzwinkel ) as follows:

Name Change

On 1 July 1970 the community was renamed from " bones " in " Katzwinkel ( victory ) ."


The development of the population, the values ​​from 1939 to 1987 based on population censuses:


Parish council

The local council in Katzwinkel consists of 16 council members, who were elected at the municipal election held on 7 June 2009 a proportional representation, and the honorary mayor as chairman.

Allocation of seats in the elected municipal council:

Coat of arms

The coat of arms description reads: "In Silver cleaved by a bent- out of the main shield blue top, covered with a bent- silver top, this is with crossed black mining characters, hammer and chisel, front three red five-petalled heraldic roses with green sepals and golden slug [ ... ], behind two green ears of corn. "

Explanation: The blue dividing lines stand for the two streams of the place ( the Brölbach of Katzwinkel and Hüttenbach of Elkhausen ) that merge later ( as will be also referred to the Association of places Elkhausen and Katzwinkel ). Hammer and chisel symbolize the mining past. The three roses are from the arms of the free imperial rule Wildenburg, which was earlier in parts of the district ruler. The ears symbolize the agricultural past, the color green stands for the abundant woodlands.

Community partnership

The local church Katzwinkel ( victory ) has since 1994 an intra- German community partnership of the municipality in the district of Kefferhausen calibration field in Thuringia.

Culture and sights


The village has three churches: the Catholic Parish Church of St. Boniface in Elkhausen and their filial church of St. Barbara in Katzwinkel and located in the district Katzwinkel Protestant church.

Regular events

Important festivals include the shooting (Pentecost), the Garagos - bazaar and the bazaar football tournament ( bring donations in the four - to five -digit range for the mission of the Comboni Sisters in Egypt) ( in September on the first Sunday ), the bazaar of KFD, the parish festival and many other events for the conservation of the youth center, and events of the many clubs. In addition, discos or benefit concerts of the local band Splash are organized regularly, which is hereby raises money for the children's hospice Olpe.

Cultural monuments

List of cultural monuments in Katzwinkel ( win)

Economy and infrastructure

The town is a former mining village and had one of the largest iron ore mines in the winning country ( mine association ). After the closure of the mine in the 1960s, the transformation of the target primarily the mine village succeeded very well. A small airfield with a grass runway (500 m ) is located in Wingendorf.


In Katzwinkel a number of industrial and craft enterprises have settled with some significant export share: Secatec ( sensors, electronics ), SB WELDING TECHNOLOGY (welding machine ), InventAir air conditioning and heating technology ( extraction and process heat systems), Sita - waste management ( logistics location and composting ) and various other craft, commercial, retail and logistics businesses. In the village there is a famous holiday and rest home and three restaurants. 18 farms manage about 500 ha of arable and pasture land.

Public institutions

In the village there is a primary school, St. Barbara Elementary School, and the kindergarten dandelion, also a multi-purpose hall and a youth center.