Ahéville is a commune in the Vosges department of the Lorraine region. It belongs to the district Epinal, to Canton Dompaire and in 2000 founded Kommunalverband Secteur de Dompaire.

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The 58 inhabitants (1 January 2011 ) scoring Ahéville community located six kilometers east of the town of Mirecourt, 28 kilometers north- west of Epinal in the hill country between the Moselle and Madon.

The 5.84 km ² of the municipality flow the streams Ruisseau de la tripe de Lievre and Ruisseau de Cherpagnotte, which flow through the Robert and Gitte in the Madon. The nucleus is located in the Ahéville gentle valley of the Ruisseau des Nauves. The north- east of the district is forested ( Gandremont, Bois de Sarrasins ), here is 400 m above sea level, the highest point Ahévilles.

Neighboring communities of Ahéville are Avillers in the north, Jorxey in the northeast, Vaubexy in the east, in the southeast Bazegney, Racécourt in the south, Velotte -et- Tatignécourt in the southwest and Vroville in the west and northwest.


1282, the village was first mentioned in documents as Oheiville. Until 1751 Ahéville belonged to Bailliage Darney. Church- the church was divided into parishes Rabiémont and Blaye, both were under the Dean's Office in Jorxey. Deanery Jorxey.



  • Church of St. Quirinus ( Saint- Quirin )

Economy and infrastructure

A part of the population lives from agriculture, which is represented in Ahéville with eight farms (crops, cattle and pigs ) or is employed in small craft and commercial establishments. Due to the convenient transport links, many residents commute to Vittel, Mirecourt or in the industrial estates in the Mosel valley.

Transport links

By Ahéville the highway (D 10) of Mirecourt leads to Nomexy. More road connections are available to Vaubexy, Bazegney, Racécourt and Velotte -et- Tatignécourt. The five kilometers away breakpoint Hymont - Mattaincourt is on the railway line from Nancy on Mirecourt and Vittel to Merrey, which is operated by the TER Lorraine.