Manassas, Virginia


Manassas is an independent city ( county-level city ) in the U.S. state of Virginia with 37 821 inhabitants. You heard like its neighbor, Manassas Park no County, both of which are, however, surrounded by Prince William County. In Manassas is also the county seat of Prince William County. However, this is not a part of the city but forms an approximately 15 -acre enclave in the center of Manassas.

Near the city's two major battles took place during the Civil War, referred to in the South as the first and second battle of Manassas. In the northern states, the battles are known as the first and second battle of Bull Run, named after a small stream nearby.


The city has an area of 25.8 km ², of which 25.7 km ² land and 0.1 km ² (0.4%) are of water.

Population Development

¹ 1980 - 2000: census results; 2005: Updating the U.S. Census Bureau

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Joseph Lonas (1925-2011), sculptor
  • Sunny von Bülow born Crawford (1932-2008), heiress
  • Chaney Kley (1972-2007), actor


The American rock musician Stephen Stills named his backing band founded in 1971 after this city, as he and his fellow musicians have been photographed for a photo on the old railway station of Manassas. The photo is also the cover art of their album of the same name.