James Shields (Ohio politician)

James Shields ( born April 13, 1762, Banbridge, Ireland, † August 13 1831 in Ross, Butler County, Ohio ) was an American politician of the Democratic Party. From 1829 to 1831 he was a member of the House of Representatives of the United States for the 2nd Congressional District of the State of Ohio.


James Shields was born in Banbridge, which belonged to Ireland at the time. Today Banbridge is located in Northern Ireland. After a general school education he studied from 1782 at the University of Glasgow in Scotland medicine. In 1786 he completed his studies. In 1791 he emigrated to the United States. There he settled in Frederick County, Virginia, where he worked as a teacher. In 1801 he moved briefly into the Butler County in Ohio, but went back to Virginia. In 1804 he became a U.S. citizen. In 1807 he moved again to Ohio, because he in the House of Representatives from Ohio had a mandate from 1806. He sat a total of 21 years until 1827, the House of Representatives.

In the 1828 congressional elections, Shields was selected as representative of the Democrats in the 2nd congressional district of Ohio in the U.S. House of Representatives. There he represented the 2nd District a legislature to 1831st

Shields died when he was killed by an overturning stagecoach. He was buried in Venice Cemetery in Ross.