Herbert S. Bigelow

Herbert Seely Bigelow ( born January 4, 1870 in Elkhart, Elkhart County, Indiana, † November 11, 1951 in Cincinnati, Ohio ) was an American politician of the Democratic Party. From 1937 to 1939 he was a member of the House of Representatives of the United States for the 2nd Congressional District of the State of Ohio.


Herbert Bigelow was born in Elkhart. He attended the public schools and Oberlin College in Oberlin. In 1894 he graduated from Case Western Reserve University. He moved to Cincinnati and studied at Lane Theological Seminary theology. In 1895 he was ordained a priest. He was then priests of the Congregational church at the Vine Street in Cincinnati. 1902 failed his election to the Ohio Secretary of State. In 1912 he was chairman of the 4 Constituent Assembly of Ohio. In 1913 and 1914 he was a member of the House of Representatives from Ohio. The City Council of Cincinnati, he sat in 1936.

1936 Bigelow was elected as the representative of the 2nd District of Ohio in Congress U.S. House of Representatives. He sat there for a legislative period. In 1939 he retired again from the Congress. 1940 and 1941 he was again in the City Council of Cincinnati. He was re- priest of his ancestral community. 1951 Bigelow died in Cincinnati. His remains were cremated and scattered over his farm near Forestville.