Joseph M. Root

Joseph Mosley Root ( born October 7, 1807 in Brutus, Cayuga County, New York, † April 7, 1879 in Sandusky, Ohio ) was an American politician of the United States Whig Party and the Free Soil Party. From 1845 to 1851 he was a member of the House of Representatives of the United States for the 21th Congressional District of the State of Ohio.


Joseph Mosley Root was born in Brutus, where he attended the public schools. In Auburn, he studied law. In 1829 he moved to Ohio. There he was admitted to the bar in 1830 and practiced from now in a law firm in Norwalk. In 1837 he was elected prosecuting attorney of Huron County. In the Senate of Ohio Root sat from 1840 to 1841.

As representatives of the Whig Party, he was in 1844 elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. In 1846 he was re-elected. One of the midterm elections in 1848 ran as a candidate of the Free Soil Root Party and was re-elected to the House of Representatives. In the period 1847-1849 he was Chairman (Chairman ) of the present Committee on Oversight of Government Reform. In 1851 he retired from the House of Representatives. In the wake of the presidential election in 1860, he was a representative of the Republican Party member of the electoral college. He was in 1861 appointed United States Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio. In 1869 he was again a member of the Senate of Ohio.

Joseph M. Root died in 1879 in Sandusky. He was buried there on the Oakland Cemetery.