Charles Tatgenhorst, Jr.

Charles Tatgenhorst ( born August 19, 1883 in Cincinnati, Ohio; † January 13, 1961 ) was an American politician of the Republican Party. From 1927 to 1929 he was a member of the House of Representatives of the United States for the 2nd Congressional District of the State of Ohio.


Born Charles Tatgenhorst 1883 in Cincinnati. There he went to school. At the University of Cincinnati in 1910, he completed a degree in Law from. In the same year Tatgenhorst was admitted to the bar and practiced henceforth as such in Cincinnati. From 1914 to 1919 he was a lawyer in the service of his native city. In 1919 he moved to Cleves, where he again worked as a lawyer.

In a Special Election Tatgenhorst 1927 was chosen as the successor to the late Ambrose EB Stephens in the U.S. House of Representatives. There he represented the 2nd congressional district until 1929. A re-election, he did not stand. He returned to his native town and took his learned work on again. On November 3, 1936, he was elected judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the first district of Ohio. He served there until February 1937. From 1938 to 1942 he was Ohio State bar examiner. In January 1941 he became a member of the Ohio State Banking Board. He was also still active in some items in the economy.

Tatgenhorst was married to Clara Streble and had with her ​​a son, who succeeded him in his law firm. In 1961, he died in Cincinnati and was buried at Spring Grove Cemetery.