William McLean (Ohio politician)

William McLean ( born August 10, 1794 in Mason County, Kentucky, † October 2, 1839 in Cincinnati, Ohio) was an American lawyer, politician and businessman.


William McLean, son of Fergus McLean and Sophia Blackford, was born on August 10, 1794 in Mason County, Kentucky, USA. Some years later, in 1799, his family moved to a farm in Warren County, Ohio. There he attended the community school, then studied law and was admitted to the bar in 1814. He then began to practice in Cincinnati where he was later in Lebanon, the county seat of Warren County, Ohio as an attorney working.

McLean moved in 1820 from Lebanon to Piqua, Ohio, where he was the first regularly knowledgeable attorney who settled in the village. He was 500,000 acres (2,000 km ²) obtain land through his activities as a good dealer of public money that he used for the construction of the Ohio Canal from Cincinnati to Cleveland.


McLean was elected in 1822 as a representative of the 3rd Federal Constituency of Ohio, which almost all of western Ohio's covered north of Warren County. He took the seat in the 18th Congress of the United States. Furthermore, he was re-elected in the two subsequent Congresses. In the twentieth congress he was chairman of the House Committee on Indian Affairs.

William McLean returned to Cincinnati, where he focused on mercantile transactions, as well as with the performance of his duties as a lawyer. He was also interested in agricultural operations. As, however, his health began to deteriorated, he retired from business and spent several months in Cuba, hoping that his condition would improve as a result of lung disease caused by a change of climate. His condition did not improve, so he returned to Cincinnati, where he spent some time in his old congressional district to visit different places again.

William McLean died on October 2, 1839 at his home in Cincinnati and was buried at the Catharine Street Burying Ground. In 1863 he was moved to Spring Grove Cemetery.


William McLean had two brothers, John and Finis McLean, who were also active in politics. His older brother, John, was a deputy in the Congress of the United States, Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States and Postmaster General. His other brother, Finis was a member of Kentucky in the U.S. Congress. John's son, Nathaniel C. McLean, was a general in the Union during the American Civil War.