William J. White

William John White ( born October 7, 1850 in the vicinity of Rice Lake, Canada, † February 16, 1923 in Cleveland, Ohio ) was an American politician of the Republican Party. From March 4, 1893 to March 3, 1895, he was a member of the House of Representatives of the United States for the 20th Congressional District of the State of Ohio.


Near the Rice Lakes in Canada White was born in 1850. At the age of 7, he moved with his parents to the United States. They settled in Cleveland. In Cleveland, he went to school. In 1869 he began to build a life as a candy maker. Later, his company produced W. J. White Chicle Co. gum. In 1889 he was mayor of West Cleveland, belonging now to Cleveland.

In the 1892 congressional elections, White ran as candidate of the Republican party in the 20th electoral district of Ohio. He could win the election for himself and went into the U.S. House of Representatives Washington, DC, where he was a legislature for his constituency. He decided not to stand for election. He retreated back to his company. In February 1923 White died in his hometown. He was buried in the Lakeview Cemetery.