Arthur W. Overmyer

Arthur Warren Overmyer ( born May 31, 1879 in Lindsey, Sandusky County, Ohio; † March 8, 1952 in North Royalton, Ohio ) was an American politician. Between 1915 and 1919 he represented the state of Ohio in the U.S. House of Representatives.


Arthur Overmyer attended the public schools of his native Lima and the Lutheran College. He then worked for some time as a teacher. After studying law at Ohio Northern University Law School in Ada and his 1902 was admitted to the bar he began to work in Fremont in this profession. From 1907 to 1910 he was employed by the local health committee. After that, he was 1910-1914 legal representative of the city Fremont. Politically, he joined the Democratic Party.

In the congressional elections of 1914, Overmyer was in the 13th electoral district of Ohio in the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington DC chosen, where he became the successor of John A. Key on March 4, 1915. After a re-election he was able to complete in Congress until March 3, 1919 two legislative sessions. These were shaped by the events of the First World War. In 1918 he was not re-elected.

Between 1926 and 1943 Arthur Overmyer served as a judge in various courts in Ohio. He was most recently since 1942 with superior judge overseeing the nine appellate courts of his state. After 1943 he practiced again as a private lawyer in Fremont. He died on 8 March 1952 in North Royalton.