William P. Cutler

William Parker Cutler (* July 12, 1812 in Warren, Ohio, † April 11, 1889 in Marietta, Ohio ) was an American politician.


William Parker Cutler was born in 1812 as the son of U.S. politician Ephraim Cutler. His grandfather Manasseh Cutler represented Massachusetts in the U.S. House of Representatives. 1829 Cutler wrote at Ohio University in Athens a. However, an illness forced him to give up his studies and he worked on his parents' farm.

1840 Cutler helped William Henry Harrison in the presidential campaign for the United States Whig Party and was nominated in 1842 for the House of Representatives from Ohio, but lost the election to George M. Woodbridge. Also in 1844 he was nominated and elected to the House of Representatives. In 1845 he was re-elected and also 1846. During the same year he was elected by a caucus of his party and to the Speaker of the House.

1848 Cutler should be standing for election as governor of Ohio, but the Whig party decided to support Seabury Ford, which also won the elections later. In the same year Cutler was a candidate in elections to the Congress, but lost to Democrat William A. Whittlesey. 1849 Cutler was chosen for the Washington County in the Constituent Assembly, which was to reform the constitution of Ohio in 1850.

Cutler was chosen in the early 1860s as the Republican candidate in the 37th Congress of the United States ( 1861-1863 ), but could not prevail in the re-election in 1862.

Cutler was married since 1849 and had a daughter. Three sons and two daughters of the couple had died already in early childhood.