Martin L. Smyser

Martin Luther Smyser ( born April 3, 1851 in Plain Township, Wayne County, Ohio; † May 6, 1908 in Wooster, Ohio ) was an American politician of the Republican Party. March 4, 1889 to March 3, 1891 and March 4, 1905 to March 3, 1907 he was a member of the House of Representatives of the United States in the 17th and 20th Congressional District of the State of Ohio.


Smyser was born on a farm in Plain Township. He attended the public schools. He then studied law. In 1872 he was admitted to the bar. Together with Addison S. McClure in 1873, he opened a law office in Wooster. As of 1872, Smyser for a long period prosecutor of Wayne County. As a delegate, he took to the Republican National Conventions in 1884 and 1888 in Chicago part.

In the congressional elections in 1888 ran successfully Smyser for his party in the 20th electoral district of Ohio. This constituency he represented one legislative period long in the House of Representatives. In 1890 he was not re-elected. He worked as an attorney in Wooster again. In 1898 he was appointed by Governor Asa S. Bushnell judge of the Ohio District Courts of Appeals. 1904 Smyser ran again successfully for a seat in the House of Representatives, this time in the 17th constituency. Also this constituency he represented only one legislative period long. Until his death in 1908, he worked as an attorney in Wooster again. He was buried in the Wooster Cemetery in his hometown.