James Mitchell Ashley

James Mitchell Ashley (* November 14, 1824 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, † September 16, 1896 in Alma, Michigan ) was an American politician and from 1868 to 1870, the fifth governor of the Montana Territory.

Early years

James Ashley has enjoyed no regular education, but the basic school skills self-taught. He spent his youth on steamboats on the Ohio River and the Mississippi River. In 1848 he settled in Portsmouth (Ohio ), where he was involved in the publication of a newspaper. At the same time he began studying law. In 1849 he was admitted to the bar, but without being involved in this profession. After moving to Toledo, he became a wholesaler of pharmaceutical needs.

Political career

Prior to the Civil War Ashley was a supporter of the movement to abolish slavery. Between 1859 and 1869 represented Ashley tenth Congressional District of Ohio in the U.S. House of Representatives. He was chairman of the committee that dealt with the affairs of the U.S. territories. He belonged to the radical faction of the Republican Party and was one of the leading forces unsuccessfully operated 1867-1868 the impeachment of President Andrew Johnson.

James Ashley also brought the so-called Arizona Organic Law on the establishment of the Arizona Territory in the Congress, which was set in February 1863 by President Abraham Lincoln in force. After the recovery, in April 1869 resignation of Green Clay Smith as governor of Montana Territory Ashley was appointed by President Ulysses S. Grant to succeed him. By 1870, Ashley remained in this area. He then returned to Toledo. There he built the railway company Ann Arbor Railroad, which he was president 1877-1893.