Taylor Webster

Taylor Webster ( born October 1, 1800, Pennsylvania, † April 27, 1876 in New Orleans, Louisiana ) was an American politician of the Democratic Party. From 1833 to 1839 he was a member of the House of Representatives of the United States for the 2nd Congressional District of the State of Ohio.


Taylor Webster was born in Pennsylvania, the precise location is not known. In 1806 he moved with his parents to Ohio, where he went to school. For a short time he studied at Miami University. From 1828 to 1836 he was editor and publisher of the Western Telegraph in Hamilton. In 1829 he was clerk of the House of Representatives from Ohio. In 1830 he was a member of the House of Representatives from Ohio and sat in front of this as Speaker.

In the 1832 congressional elections, Webster was elected as the representative of the 2nd District of Ohio in Congress U.S. House of Representatives. The 2nd district he represented for three legislative sessions. After retiring from Congress, he worked as an editor again. In 1863 he moved to New Orleans, where he held a clerical position. In 1876, he died in New Orleans. There he was on the Lafayette Cemetery No.. 1 buried.