Knorrendorf is a municipality in the district of Mecklenburg Lake District. It is located northwest of Neubrandenburg and belongs to the Office Stavenhagen, which has its administrative headquarters in Stavenhagen.

Geography and transport

Knorr village is located about 14 kilometers southeast of Stavenhagen and 16 kilometers northwest of Neubrandenburg. Federal highway 104 and the railway line Biitzow - Szczecin traverse the community. To the northeast lies the Kastorfer Lake and south of the lake Gädebehner.

The quarters are Gädebehn, Friedrichsruh Kleeth, Kleeth settlement, Kastorf and Knorrendorf.


Knorrendorf is a former estate village, whose basic structure is barely readable in today's village structure. The former manor house and a village pond are obtained. The estate was from time immemorial until 1932 owned by the family of Zülow. In the year 1760 but the family Oldenburg was named as owner.

The districts Friedrichsruh Gädebehn, Kastorf and Kleeth were originally Gutsdörfer. Kastorf has a symmetrical scale farm. The castle and some farm buildings have been preserved. Kleeth was settled in the 1930s.


  • Castle Kastorf
  • Former manor park Kastorf with dendrologic features
  • Church and cemetery Kastorf
  • Former manor Gädebehn, today restaurant
  • Former manor Kleeth
  • Jungslawischer hillfort Gädebehn - earthworks are no longer visible

Church in Kastorf