Userin is a municipality in the district of Mecklenburg Lake District in the south of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern ( Germany ). The municipality is the Office Neustrelitz country, located in the not office belonging Neustrelitz managed.


The community Userin is surrounded by the Mecklenburg Lake District, eight kilometers from Neustrelitz. The four- kilometer-long and one kilometer wide Useriner lake, on the eastern shore Userin is, part of the Müritz National Park. The Useriner lake is drained by the upper Havel; the slight slope allowed for the system of the district Useriner mill. The Havel continues to flow into the well about four square kilometers Woblitzsee - from here ship traffic through the chamber port to Neustrelitz and the Upper Havel waterway towards Berlin is possible. In the southwest of the municipality is the Great Labussee, on the northern bank of the district Zwenzow is.

Community structure

To Userin include the districts

  • United Quassow
  • Lindenberg with the Arboretum Lindenberg
  • Userin
  • Useriner mill
  • Voßwinkel
  • Zwenzow


→ See also List of monuments in Userin

  • Half-timbered church of Userin 1778
  • Neo-Gothic church of Great Quassow 1877
  • " Kirchsteig bridge " - pedestrian bridge over the canal chamber at Voßwinkel
  • Former Revierförsterei in Zwenzow

United Church Quassow

Useriner mill

Ehm. Revierförsterei Zwenzow

Transport links

By Userin the road from Neustrelitz leads to Mirow. The district of Gros Quassow has a breakpoint on the branch line Neustrelitz Mirow.