Verchen [ fɛʁçən ] is a municipality in the northern part of the Mecklenburg Lake District. The municipality is located southwest of Demmin. It belongs to the Office Demmin country, which has its administrative headquarters in Demmin. Until July 1, 2004 Verchen belonged to the Official Borrentin.

Geography and transport

Verchen situated about twelve kilometers south-west of Demmin. The B 194 runs east of the community and can be reached via the Borrentiner Lindenhof district. The municipality is situated on the northern shore of Lake Kummerow at the outflow of the Peene.


The Pomeranian village Verchen was first mentioned in 1164 in records in which took place the battle of Verchen. Since the 13th century there was a Benedictine monastery until the Reformation. The monastery was founded by a Verchen Slavic nobleman named Janice of Virchin. He also provided the name of the municipality Verchen. In 1255 gave the grasping Duke Wartislaw III. the village to the monastery. Since 2004 there is the monastery again a medal and that the " Communität Christ Selbitz ".


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  • Early Gothic former monastery church of St. Mary, was first built around 1270, has the oldest stained glass in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
  • Lakeside restaurant and Wasserwanderrastplatz
  • Cross vaults and barrel vault cellar in the former office building

Personalities: sons and daughters of the town

  • Gustav Wienstein (1828-1891), German jurist, Reichsgerichtsrat
  • Emil Kruger (1855-1925), German Culture technicians, construction officer, Mr and university teachers
  • Charles Sparr (1860-1932), German educator and cooperative
  • Peter C. Bloth (1931-2012), German Protestant theologian and university professor, rector of the Church University Berlin