Neddemin is a municipality in the district of Mecklenburg Lake District Mecklenburg -Vorpommern ( Germany ). The municipality is the Office Neverin, based in homonymous municipality managed.


The community Neddemin located on the edge of the glacial valley of Tollense. North of Neddemin branches off another glacial valley to the northeast, which is drained by the little country ditch. To the south and east the moraine of Werder joins, tower over the Tollensetal by more than 50 meters with slopes. The county town of Neubrandenburg is ten kilometers away.


Hailing from the Slavic name of the scale as Angersdorf can be discovered about the " place of the absent " interpret (ne doma = " not at home "). The first mention of Neddemin ( Nedemin ) was carried out in a deed of Margrave Albrecht III. of 24 August 1285th beginning of the 14th century, the village church was built, the tower is crowned by a stork's nest today. At the time of the church building Neddemin was owned by the monastery Himmelpfortgrund ( near Fürstenberg / Havel ).

Economy and infrastructure

In Neddemin some commercial enterprises have settled after 1990, including a road construction company.

Transport links

Since early 2003 Neddemin is connected via a four kilometer long shuttle to the Federal Highway 20. Through the community, the country road leads 35 (formerly B96 ). The Neddemin station on the railway line from Neubrandenburg on Demmin to Stralsund (Berliner northern runway ) was closed mid-1990s. About seven kilometers south of Neddemin is the Neubrandenburg Airport.


In the list of monuments in Neddemin are registered in the list of monuments of the circle Mecklenburg Lake monuments.

  • Feldsteinkirche in Neddemin from the beginning of the 14th century, has an ornate brick gable to the east. A little later, probably originated the polygonal exterior, interior circular apse with half dome curvature and highlighted belt ribs. The square west tower was built in the late 15th century and demolished in 1945, except for eaves height of the ship.
  • Mansion in Neddemin (around 1880/90 built )