Moltzow is a municipality in the north- western part of the Mecklenburg Lake District Mecklenburg -Vorpommern ( Germany ). It is goods with headquarters in the city goods managed by the Office Lakelands (Müritz). Until December 31, 2004 was in Moltzow the administrative headquarters of the Office of the same name.


The community Moltzow in the Mecklenburg Lake District lies between the near Malchiner lake and the Müritz and is part of the Natural Park Mecklenburg Switzerland and Lake Kummerow. The forests and hills rich region in southeastern reaches a height of 127 m above sea level. NN.

To Moltzow include the districts Marxhagen, Rambow and Schwinkendorf ( with Langwitz, Lupendorf, Tressow and Ulrichshusen ).


The original Slavic settlements Moltzow, Rambow and Ilkensee belonged from 1850 to the possession of the family von Maltzan ( Moltzow ). Wilhelm von Maltzan let the Moltzower farmhouse with attached landscape Park, created when he had to wait for the wedding with another 15 -year-old Adelaide of Oertzen. The mansion was purchased by Bernd von Maltzan, a descendant of the builder. It is gradually being restored.

With effect from 1 January 2013, the previously independent community Schwinkendorf was incorporated into Moltzow.


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  • The Moltzower manor was built in 1852 by the Schwerin Baurat Theodor Krueger for the family von Maltzan in the Tudor style as a two -storey brick building over a field stone base. It was once surrounded by a landscaped park.
  • The Marxhagen castle was also built in 1853 by Theodor Krueger, is very similar in the plant Moltzower the manor and is regarded as its sister building.
  • Castle Ulrichshusen
  • The village church in the district of Rambow dates back to the 15th century and was greatly expanded in 1621 to 1625. The church contains, inter alia, the grave of the Swedish General Carl Dietrichson Ruth ( 1592-1656 ). The neighboring Rambower rectory was built generously before 1798 and is the only residential building at the site, which has been preserved from the time before the Gutsgründung in the 19th century yet.
  • Village church in the district Schwinkendorf
  • The desert church to Domherrenhagen is the ruin of a built in the early 13th century church and the last structural remnant of a former village between Moltzow and Schwinkendorf -Ulrich Husen, which lies desolate since 1458. The ruin was secured in 2004 and is occasionally used for concerts and church services.
  • The Haustierhof to the Rambower ponds was opened in 1993 as a petting zoo, and is home to approximately 2 hectares, about 200 animals in 35 species, with priority for endangered breeds of domestic animals and some wild animals.

Feldsteinkirche in Rambow

" Desert Church" Domherrenhagen


Moltzow is located on the main road 108 Teterow by Waren (Müritz ), a road branches off to the northeast in Moltzow to Malchin from. In approximately 14 km distant city Waren (Müritz), the nearest train station (connections to Berlin, Rostock and Parchim ).

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Wilhelm von Maltzan, Freiherr zu Wartenberg and Penzlin (1854-1933), District Administrator and member of the Reichstag