2005–06 DEL season

The DEL 2005/06 season, which began on 8 September 2005, was the 12th season of the German Ice Hockey League. The last round matches were held on March 12, 2006, the German champion Polar Bears Berlin was able to defend his title on April 17. The Kassel Huskies but increased after a defeat in the play -down round against promoted foxes Duisburg in the 2nd Bundesliga from.

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Mode and rules

The 2005/06 season was the last time being the DEL with a sporty relegated. That should take care from the 2006 /07 planning for security of clubs and sponsors. Therefore, it was particularly important for the smaller and less wealthy clubs, not to lose the play- downs at the end of the season. A potential climbers had to be from the following season both sporty as well as economy and infrastructure qualify for the DEL. These schemes, which were laid down in a cooperation agreement between DEL, Hockey operating company and the German Ice Hockey Federation, broke even with the fans of some DEL clubs from protests.

In contrast to the sporty down the controversial interpretation of the IIHF Rule 554c was not abolished. Even still had the referees decide on a two-minute penalty if a player shot the puck over the boards. No change was also agreed concerning the foreigner quota. Each club was allowed to continue to license twelve foreign players, but use only eleven per game.

The existing requirement that the dark jersey had to be home kit, was not as strict as of season 2005/ 06. Each team had to report early in the season, which jersey should be worn in front of their home crowd. The away team then had to adapt.

The mining license scheme was compared to the pre-season does not change. As previously were German field players who were born after 1 May 1982, and German goalkeeper who were not yet born on May 1, 1980 will be sent with the production license of a team in a lower league to gain match practice there. Each DEL team, it was mandatory to have at least four such players under contract.


The salary cap, which had been agreed before the season of NHL and NHLPA, was responsible for ensuring that the clubs of the DEL unusually few new players from North America committed. Because they forced the NHL franchises to more likely to rely on cheaper players, so players who were already at DEL clubs on the watch list, but remained in North America, to wait for a chance in the NHL. By 1 August 2005, the associations of the DEL had only four players from North America bound ( Michel Periard, Lonny Bohonos, Mathieu Darche, Jason Holland). At the start of pre-season lacked the Hamburg Freezers three places in the first two storm formations that polar bears had even at this time not a single new player under contract. It still 22 NHL players had been active in Germany in the season before.

Actually stood by the play- downs of the previous season, the Kassel Huskies firmly relegated. However, they also moved on for the Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg, where the DEL shareholders' meeting had withdrawn the license because of too small and dilapidated hall. This uncertainty with regard to the question of Absteigers and inconsistencies in the leadership team meant that almost all top performers of Huskies last year had signed before licensing from competitors (eg Daniel Corso and David Gosselin in Frankfurt, Brian Swanson and Christian Laflamme in Nuremberg Kirk Furey in Iserlohn and Stephan Retzer in Mannheim) and little time was to form a squad.

After Hamburg, Cologne, Hannover, Krefeld, Nuremberg and Ingolstadt Mannheim was the seventh DEL site that received a multi-purpose arena in recent years: the SAP - Arena holds 14,000 spectators and will host the Ice Hockey World Championship 2010.

Negative on the DEL also had a descent from the national team, because in contrast to the Frankfurt Lions a year ago, the polar bear Berlin were no longer qualified for the IIHF European Champions Cup. However, they accepted the invitation of the HC Davos for the prestigious Spengler Cup, they finished with two points behind winners Team Canada third.


Compared to last year the budget of the 14 teams could be increased by 5% to € 69.8 million. The DEL was - compared with handball and basketball - a large sum of money from TV pay-TV channel Premiere ( € 195,000 / Club ) are available. The elite leagues in the other two sports were only a fraction of it. As the main sponsor of the League promoted the yellow pages in every stadium in the band as well as on the official websites of the clubs with a DEL yellow pages double logo. The referee ran in the last months of the season on a Premiere lettering on the back.

The Adler Mannheim, thereby causing the Hamburg Freezers again as a budget - Croesus from. Bottom of this ranking remained the Iserlohn Roosters. The budget of the EV Duisburg learned, given the rise almost a doubling, the Eagles were planning due to the additional revenue from the SAP Arena with more money. The Krefeld Penguins have the financial crisis now somewhat digested again after the championship in 2003 and increased the budget by half a million euros. The strong season of Frankfurt, which was crowned by the new semi-finals, took the Master of 2004, a budget increase of 400,000 euros. Overall, the club brought before the season 2005 /06 a new record amount of nearly 70 million euros.

Preliminary round

The preliminary round was played as a double round so that everyone fought out against every four games.

September 2005

On 8 September 2005, the twelfth season of the DEL began with the batch of Adler Mannheim against DEG Metro Stars.

Team of the moment in the initial phase of this DEL season were clearly the Hannover Scorpions, who could the first six games all season and win here already laid an important foundation for later reaching the play -offs. A good start to the season also managed the Frankfurt Lions, the 21 points collected in the first nine games, in contrast to the Hamburg Freezers, which even after four of eight games to start the season (1st, 2nd, 6th and 8th Round ) table were last. This was due in part to the unsatisfactory performance of the Parade series with Benoit Gratton, François Fortier and Marc Beaucage was. As of September 30, it was better, which was reflected in eight home wins in a row.

On September 23, injuring the Goalie of the Kölner Haie, Oliver Jonas so, the then 19 -year-old Thomas Greiss a chance in goal for the Sharks was that he knew how to use. The youngster was not only while Jonas was not play again, a good representative, but also was established then as the number - one goalie. Four of the first five games of the Duisburg were lost, the start was somewhat mixed, but was topped by two series defeat in December and January. Only five wins from the first 20 games lead the way from the beginning in the basement table for the Kassel Huskies. Many short-term committed players had to get used to the DEL level.

An excellent start to the DEL caught the later "Rookie of the Year" ( Best New Player ) elected Michael Wolf ( Iserlohn Roosters ). Alone at home to polar bears Berlin Wolf scored three hits ( Score: 9:6 ). Ernst Höfner, assistant coach of the German national team, praised him after the season this way: " He has always been dynamic, a fighter that was 100 %. Now he makes even his goals. " Furthermore, he had become the only German league rookie straight away achievers. The second best rookie of the Duisburg Michael Waging was elected, who joined as Wolf until relatively late age (26, Wolf was 24) from the 2nd Bundesliga in the highest German league and there was equally important tasks in his team. In view of such successes, the DEL put the production license - age for season 2006/ 07 from the previous 23 to 25 years.

End of September completed Mirko Lüdemann still be 600 DEL game.

October 2005

In early October had the play of the Nuremberg Ice Tigers against the Adler Mannheim to be canceled because an ice master had damaged a cooling line in the Nuremberg Arena in drilling the holes for the gates, so that the health risks associated ammonia leaked. The Ice Tigers came on for € 5,000 travel expenses of Mannheim.

At the same time the EV Duisburg got an evil goalkeeping problem, as the goalkeeper Patrick Kozlov for the cup tie in Dusseldorf injured by Bengal fire on the eye, and then the foxes Patrick Marriage Lechner from Mannheim to borrow it. A 9:6 victory for the Roosters launched a series of four defeats in series with the polar bears Berlin, the low point of the season at the German champions, who rose enormously towards the end. Four defeats in a row sat there in October for the DEG that never again often directly lost this season in a row. In Mannheim, the press conferences were at that time abolished after the game and replaced by a so-called "Open Locker Room". Journalists could listen to the statements of the participants to the game after the game in the crew cabins.

On 12 Gameday started a 13- game losing streak continued for the Augsburger Panther. With a game later there was a change at the top of the DEL - the ERC Ingolstadt rose to first place and left him again until the 50th game day. October was probably the most successful month in the club's history for the Ingolstadt, because on seven victories came only a defeat. For the Nuremberg Ice Tigers began at the end of the month successful weeks with 20 of 24 possible points.

Your 600 DEL game contested in October at the Frankfurt Martin Reichel and Cologne Tino Boos.

November 2005

In November, the American professional referee Rick Looker began his service in the DEL.

On November 2, there was the first coach dismissal of the season: The Augsburger Panther split from coach Randy Edmonds and presented on 14 November Paulin Bordeleau as his successor one. Under injury problems suffered in November, the Hamburg Freezers. After goalkeeper Boris Rousson and back-up Steffen Karg Tobias Güttner fell out injured, which is why the help of the Berlin Polar Bears won. Youri Ziffzer was loaned out for a few weeks, Roland Schröder came from Brown situation. Ziffzer quickly returned back to Berlin, Güttner was ready for use again. However, towards the end of the month Güttner injured again. Prompt came again help from Berlin, the polar bear borrowed the Freezers Sebastian Stefaniszin.

A back and forth sparked the subject contract extension by Klaus Kathan at DEG. Only it was speculated that the extension had already been decided upon, only over the term of the contract still prevails disagreement. But this was vehemently denied by Kathan, he declined the offer of the MetroStars. On November 23, the club announced but then the contract extension until 2008, so the confusion came to an end.

In Kassel, the mood was worse due to the premature end of career Martin Sychra. He suffered in November, the fourth lumbar disc herniation in the last three years. In contrast, the Adler Mannheim waived entirely voluntarily on a player: Steve Kelly, who led the team internal scorers standings until then, was suspended after a fight with assistant coach Jackson Penney. On 29 November, he was presented as a new signing when arch-rival the eagle, the Frankfurt Lions. The Kölner Haie had been used no amplification, each game this month was won.

The impact of the coach change in Augsburg were felt immediately. The balance of the Panthers in November: 13 losses in a row. One of them ended an eight- game losing streak continued the Iserlohn Roosters. Mannheim undertook meanwhile Daniel Del Monte from the second division. It should not be the last player due to the empty market for players who rose during the season from the second division. When the polar bear Berlin the insight grew that the champion you can not be defended with the three 19 -year-old young talents Daniar Dshunussow, Youri Ziffzer and Sebastian Stefaniszin. Therefore Manager Peter- John Lee undertook in November the young Czechs Tomáš Pöpperle.

December 2005

Beginning of December, the Cologne Sharks team of the moment, because after 13 consecutive victories they consolidated second place behind the ERC Ingolstadt. Meanwhile, the Hannover Scorpions and the Kassel Huskies two players exchanged with each other. Defender Brad Burym went to Northern Hesse, in return Dominik Hammer was a Scorpion. However, the latter by just ran her season low, partly due to injury problems, which led to the reactivation of the 43 -year-old Wallace Schreiber.

In December, the second coaching change of the season followed. When the eagles Mannheim came on fear of missing the play-offs, so they furloughed Stéphane Richer and einstellten shortly thereafter Greg Poss. Poss, which was equipped with a two -year contract, had resolved on the day of his attitude in agreement with the DEB his contract as national coach.

As the first of three clubs the Cologne Sharks had in December due to a lack of security service, a fine of € 5,000 payable to the DEL. During a home game in the Cologne Arena objects were thrown onto the ice.

On December 23, DEL and DEB signed a new cooperation agreement, but no sports promotion and relegation between the first and second league foresaw an expanded youth development, strengthening the national teams.

Michael Bresagk of the Frankfurt Lions rejoiced this month about his 600th DEL game.

January 2006

Since the first of January referee should place more attention on fouls, such as hooks, hold or disability, which should benefit especially fast and technically skilled players. This policy was initially handled very strictly. On the first day of the new year, the referees distributed, on average, 62 penalty minutes per game.

On January 3, the Iserlohn Roosters committed the goalkeeper Rich Parent, who had two years earlier once held for the IEC in order to gain stability in a relegation battle. The old number one, Dimitrij Kotschnew, afforded in recent games too many errors and therefore reacted little to the parent happy shopping. No change in the gate, but the band was completed on January 10 in Kassel. The hapless Bernie Englbrecht was on leave, on his release, it had already given first public discussion in November. At that time, but the gamers council to Captain Tobias Abstreiter had objected. Now dismissed shareholder Rainer lip Englbrecht but what was the resignation Abstreiters result. The captain was persuaded to recant a little later but once again. New coach was dismissed in Mannheim Stéphane Richer.

The DEL sentenced in January until the EV Duisburg, later the Kassel Huskies because of lack of security service to a fine in the amount of € 2,500 as had been thrown in their stadiums during a game objects on the ice.

A positive message could meanwhile reported the DEG Metro Stars. Top Scorer Goals Vikingstad, the a return to the native Norway was said extended his contract in Dusseldorf until 2008., For the first time since November 6, lost the Polar Bears Berlin on 22 January, an away game for the opponent, the foxes Duisburg, it was the penultimate victory of the group stage.

February 2006

Found coaches have been fired, in Hamburg and Dusseldorf contracts were extended with exercise leaders in February. Both Mike Schmidt and Don Jackson are also in the coming season have a say in their teams.

At the Olympic Games in Turin interrupted the DEL, as early as November for the TUI Nations Cup, their gaming operations. This break took a lot of teams for friendly matches or tournaments abroad. The Frankfurt Lions played one tournament in Nagano, the Iserlohn Roosters and Kölner Haie won the Ahearne Cup in England for Germany, the EV Duisburg played a tournament in Holland and Augsburg, Ingolstadt, Nuremberg, Kassel and Hamburg were at this time to Switzerland traveled.

In addition to games, there was this pause, but also a few changes. So brought the penguins from Krefeld, for example Dave Tomlinson, Hamburg reinforced with Andrej Nedorost, Ingolstadt undertook Jeff Maund and Frankfurt signed Petr Macholda and Christian Kohmann, who came from Kassel. Furthermore changed January Alinč and Mike Souza to Cologne, Tero Lehterä to Duisburg and Jonathan Lehun to master from Berlin.

Lehun was on the opening day after the Olympic Games debut in Polar Bear Dress, the four Olympians, however, were spared. This led to accusations that one plants distort competition as the enemy just the Krefeld Penguins were still fighting for a place in the play-offs. But the capital city won the game 5-3, which managed these conjectures from the world.

Not so good from the Olympic break came the Frankfurt Lions, who could collect until the end of the first round only one point ( calculated against arch-rivals Mannheim).

In February Kassel played Captain Tobias Abstreiter 600th in the DEL.

March 2006

The March began when the team secured the sixth play-off participation with the Hamburg Freezers. From this point, four teams fighting for the final two places. On 49 Round Krefeld defeated competitors from Mannheim, which the penguins Frankfurt ablösten eighth. This order remained until the end consist, Hanover and Krefeld were called the last two play-off participants. In Frankfurt, the player then had to separately report to, at the eagles, the plans for the coming season were as good as finished. Manager Marcus Kuhl took over sole responsibility for the poor performance calculated in the first year of the SAP Arena.

At the penultimate round of the championship leader changed. The ERC Ingolstadt, which was all 134 days of the DEL standings now, was replaced shortly before the end of the polar bear Berlin. An extremely positive and the final sprint of the Augsburger Panther. They displaced the Kassel Huskies still of course 12 and secured to the premature relegation.

Directly after the last game on March 12, Doug Mason announced the Iserlohn fans in the hall in his resignation from the Sauerland region, according to the play-offs gave him the Cologne Sharks as the new head coach known.

Final Table

Abbreviations: Sp = Matches, W = Wins, SOS = Wins after the shootout, SON = Losses after the shootout, L = Losses, (M) = titleholder, (N) = newbie Notes: = qualifying for the play-offs, = season ended, = Play -downs

The first eight clubs in the table above were playing for the championship, the last two against relegation. In order to have the Adler Mannheim, runner-up last season, the first time does not qualify for the finals for the Play-offs introduction in German ice hockey. Also for the Frankfurt Lions season was ended early, despite higher expectations. For them, the Hannover Scorpions and Krefeld Penguins played after several years of absence, in the round of eight.


Play -downs

The two bottom club Kassel Huskies and foxes Duisburg played from March 15, in a play -down serial mode " Best of Seven" against relegation. Kassel was the first home law, which subsequently joined in each game due to the better main round placement.

Thus were the Kassel Huskies - like last year - as a sporting relegated determine the EV Duisburg received the qualification to the next DEL season.


Play-off - tree


The quarter-final was played on 15 March 2006 at " Best of Seven" mode. The best-placed team in the main round, the polar bears Berlin, met the eighth-placed Krefeld Penguins, who placed second ERC Ingolstadt at the Seventh Hannover Scorpions, the third party, the DEG Metro Stars, the sixth-placed Hamburg Freezers as well as the fourth-placed Nuremberg Ice Tigers at the Cologne Sharks who completed the main round in fifth place.

HR = Main Round

It was a classic false start for the Polar Bears Berlin in the play-off quarter-final series, as the Penguins decided the first game 4-2 for itself. Match winner was Robert Guillet, who scored two goals. It should be the only defeat of the later master in these play-offs. All the ungefährdeter was then the victory in the second game. Steve Walker scored two goals for the Master. The third game was one of the most exciting this season: the penguins went with a 4-2 lead in the final period, but the Berliners could turn the game within eight more minutes and Krefeld bring certain victory in front of their home crowd. In the fourth game Krefeld could equalize 2-0 of Berlin yet, but then turned to the locals and won with 5:2. Were able to secure the semi-finals, the polar bear then in the fifth game of the series by an unchallenged 4-1 home win against active only with three rows of penguins.

The ERC Ingolstadt has already led 3-0 in the first quarterfinal match, when he had yet come near to 3:2, the Scorpions. Ultimately, however, could still be saved nor the time of the victory. In the second game, the Hanover lead after 13 minutes 2-0. The projection has been shortened in the 52 minute 2:1 should be enough to compensate for the series. In section 3, in the first round very strong home Panthers fought back again and turned a 0-2 residue in a clear 6:2 victory. Away on the other hand was not so much the fourth game of the series led the score 2-2. Too many time penalties against Hannover resulted in game five to a 5-0 victory for the Panthers, which represents the only thing missing was a victory for the semi-finals. However, much more apparent than in Game Five was also the sixth game in favor of the home team, this time the Hannover Scorpions, from. It came to a show -down in Ingolstadt, which was only resolved by an empty- net goal in the last minute. After the Scorpions had the play-offs followed last year just as a spectator, they were this season in the semifinals.

The very first game of this quarter-final series went into overtime, in which the former Hamburg Craig Johnson was responsible for the decision in favor of DEG. Significant was already the result of game two with a 3-0 win, it was already after the first third, 4-1 after the second. At the end of Hamburg won 4-2. Quick led the MetroStars in the next game 1-0, quickly followed by the compensation. The decision to quite clear 4:1 victory did not come until the closing stages, with goals in the 57th and 60th minute. But Freezers were able to make the series again in the fourth game. Match-winner in this 3-2 victory was Jeff Ulmer, who scored twice. The next meeting for the second time the teams had to go into overtime and again the winner was DEG Metro Stars. Daniel Kreutzer scored the winning goal in the 66th minute. The semi-finals were able to celebrate in Hamburg, Düsseldorf then, when they won 4-2. The 2-0 lead in the sixth minute was still balanced by the Hanseatic League, but in the final section ensured Kreutzer and Alexander Sulzer for the victory of the DEG.

The Kölner Haie had hardly any problems in the quarterfinals against the Nuremberg Ice Tigers who were released so that for the sixth consecutive year, despite a promising position in the table in the play-off quarter-finals. In the first game, the Sharks went within three minutes with a 3-0 lead, which could be offset by the Ice Tigers. Lasse Kopitz provided in the final section for the winning goal. The second game was clear: Brad Schlegel scored both goals in the 2-0 lead, Stéphane Julien and Mike Souza built this still pending. In the third game, the Ice Tigers were able to make twice a Cologne lead before they went himself in the lead. Mirko Lüdemann saved the sharks just before end of the game into overtime, in the Bill Lindsay brought the decision. A 6-2 victory ensured then for the semi-finals.

Thus, the polar bears Berlin, DEG Metro Stars, the Kölner Haie and Hannover Scorpions itself had qualified for the semifinals.


The semi-finals were held on March 30 and how the final in the " Best of Five" mode. The highest ranked team in the first round still remaining met the schlechtplatzierteste while the Zweitbestplatzierte the preliminary round played against the Drittbestplatzierten.

The Polar Bears had the longer recovery period after the quarter-finals, but started the Scorpions engaged in the semifinal series. It was only in the extension of the Hohenschönhausen sat against Hannover, in the meantime even led 3-1 with. In the second game in the TUI Arena, the Scorpions equalized twice from a Berlin guide, already in the second section made ​​the polar bears still the winner. Game three of the series was then held in Wellblechpalast. Two goals from Denis Pederson and Stefan Ustorf helped the Brussels residents to a 5-3 victory, which the Berliners were again qualified for the DEL finals series.

The most heated battle of the play-offs in 2006 was probably the Rhine derby between Dusseldorf and Cologne, which was characterized mainly by controversial refereeing decisions. In the first game, the referee Rick Looker of sharks with twice as many penalty times were considered as DEG. This went in the first half hour with a 3-0 lead, the gates of Alex Hicks and Jan Alinč made ​​the game but once again exciting. However, the compensation is not longer able to Domstädtern. When playing at home, the Cologne were the series but reversed. Hicks and Eduard Lewandowski scored the decisive goal in the final section. The third game won DEG clear 6:1, after the Sharks a 1-0 lead went alone gates Vikingstad met three times into the opposing goal.

In Cologne, the teams in front of a record crowd of 18,700 spectators ran on. With 4:4 it went into overtime, where the MetroStars hardly came even to opportunities. Bill Lindsay resembled the series again. The decision was taken at the Brehmstraße, which was replaced after the season by the newly -built ISS Dome. The MetroStars made ​​in the last five minutes of a 2:3 residue a 5-3 lead. The Cologne fans and made ​​responsible for referee Looker responsibility of the heated approach Cologne punished in the last five minutes of the game with 87 penalty minutes. For the Düsseldorf the joy was all the greater because they moved in for the first time in ten years straight with a victory against arch-rivals Cologne from DEL - finals.

Thus, the polar bear Berlin and DEG Metro Stars is had qualified for the final.


The final series was played from April 13. Polar bears Berlin had the first home right because of their better placement in the main round.

Like last year won the polar bears, the final series by a sweep. The first game was won without much trouble with 6:1. After 35 minutes, they were already 3-0 ahead after the first goal and the last doubts were removed in the final third. The second game was also the last game in the DEL Brehmstraße why the mood among the 10,217 spectators was dazzling. Walser and Quint brought the polar bears in the first two -thirds of a 2-0 lead, which ultimately was the end result. In the third game it looked after the first third of yet for a chance to Dusseldorf. 2-1 it went into the first break, but then only came the German champions to train and increased the result to 6:2.

Polar bears Berlin won the play-offs. They were so German champion in 2006 and after 2005 celebrated their second all-German title.


The referee started with a team of 16 referees in the season:

  • Roland Aumüller
  • Frank Awizus
  • Stefan Wide
  • Heiko Dahle
  • Harald Deubert
  • Ralph dimmer
  • Christian Oswald
  • Axel Rademaker
  • Martin Reichert
  • Willi mold
  • Thomas Schurr
  • Richard Schütz
  • Roland Seckler
  • Stefan Vogl

Reasons of age, retired before the season Wolfgang Hellwig and professional referee Petr Chvatal out of this team. Gerhard Lichtenecker had a job as a supervisor at the IIHF in view, which is why he stopped as DEL referee. During the season dimmer, Langer and Vogl were downgraded to second-division referees. They were replaced by the ex - hockey player Steffen Klau and freshman Daniel Piechaczek and Rick Looker, who came as a professional from the USA. Although this initially brought good performance, but later took off his form. Looker distributed only eleven out of 77 Game Misconduct.

As in previous years, the DEL participated in the IIHF Referee Exchange Program, where Thomas Schurr family reasons it no longer took part and was replaced by Martin Reichert. Second participant in this program was Richard Schütz. In return, 13 DEL games were conducted by foreign arbitrators.

Since 1 January 2006, the referees were encouraged to be guided by the " zero tolerance policy ". This led to more penalties were distributed for a short time. Thereafter the ratio fluctuated again to the previous level, which was partly due to the fact that the referee after a few games were less consistently again, but on the other hand the fact that the players einstellten on the new rule interpretation.

To Referee newcomers (eg including former players ) to lead to the DEL, the league established a training program, which is led by ex -DEL Referee Gerhard Müller. It was attended by five referees: George Jablukow, Raik van Gameren, Daniel Piechaczek, Ulpi Sicorschi and Markus Brill.

All-Star Game

The DEL All-Star Game in 2006 took place on 5 February 2006 at Krefeld Royal Palace. In this case, an all-star team of the best foreign players DEL and the German national team faced each other for the last time. From the season 2006/ 07, a team Europe, against a selection of the best North American players in the league against each other. After 60 minutes, the German national team eventually won 5-3 gates. As part of the Skills Competition Eduard Lewandowski was 12.95 seconds with the fastest skater, Thomas Greiss best goalkeeper and Jakub Ficenec had with 142 km / h the hardest slap shot.

Squad of the German Master

Goalkeeper Tomáš Pöpperle, Daniar Dshunussow, Youri Ziffzer, Sebastian Stefaniszin

Defender: Deron Quint, Rob Leask, Frank Hördler, René Kramer, Tobias Draxinger, Drake Berehowsky, Derrick Walser, Micki DuPont, Jens Baxmann, Norman Martens

Attacker: Patrick Jarrett, Sven Felski, Richard Mueller, Stefan Ustorf, Mark Beaufait, Denis Pederson, Kelly Fairchild, Jonathan Lehun, André Rankels, Florian Busch, Steve Walker, Sean Fischer, Alexander White, Marcel Müller, Christoph Gawlik, Constantin Braun

Head coach Pierre Pagé Gilbert

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