List of former municipalities of Norway

The list of former municipalities in Norway is a list of former Norwegian municipalities that no longer exist today. Mostly, these were merged and merged with another municipality, or were divided among others. The list does not perform the smaller geographical areas that have been transferred from one municipality to another, or even renaming. Almost all of these municipalities in this table have disappeared or been absorbed into fusion. The former municipalities in this list are ordered by the Norwegian government district or provincial, Fylke and bear the number of the Commune and the year of changes and the result of the changes.

As in Norway from 1837 to 1838, local governments and local councils as well as called formannskapsdistrikt ( administrative units ) were introduced, the country had 392 municipalities. Later, it came in the course of several start-up companies and divisions of local authorities, so that despite some mergers, the number of these increased. So was 1935 Norway from 682 rural communes ( mr eder) and 65 city municipalities ( bykommuner ). 1946 to investigate the efficiency of many Norwegian municipalities, founded and directed by Nikolai Schei Committee as the distinction committee. As a result, hundreds of municipal mergers have been proposed to reduce the number of municipalities and to increase the quality of the local administrations. Most of the municipal mergers were carried out albeit with significant popular protest, but ultimately.

In January 2006 there were 431 municipalities in Norway only, and there were new plans for further mergers and political pressure making it happen. 2002 expressed the then local and regional Minister and later Prime Minister Erna Solberg, their desire, that would be it 's time to reduce the number of the current municipalities to 100. Her ministry was in consequence of some 140 million crowns for such a project to explore the possibilities for further mergers. Subsequently, several referendums in municipalities concerned were held together with the Norwegian local elections, 2003. A small number of communities voted for the plan; such as free to the merger with Kristiansund, which was completed on 1 January 2008. Other municipalities rejected the plans after the referenda, such as, among others Hobøl and Spydeberg, and Hol and Ål. However, at the beginning of 2006, plans to further mergers among Solberg's successor Åslaug Haga were abandoned.

Some municipalities there were only for a limited time as Flakstad and Hole, which were 1964-1976 former municipalities. In cases like these, the previous merged municipality were disbanded and the former municipalities were asked again under self-government. On the other hand, a small number of the newly created municipalities was abolished in the same way. For example, the municipality Tolga -Os, which was launched, as a result of a merger in 1966, but in 1976 disbanded.

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